Professional Grade Fishing Boats

SKUTA BOATS are ultra tough hand-laid fiberglass fishing boats manufactured in the Texas Gulf Coast region by professional charter captains.  Each vessel is built with a time-tested hull design that provides enhanced durability, layout, and ride.  SKUTA BOATS are designed and engineered to meet the requirements of commercial fisherman while still being economically priced for your every day enthusiast.  

SKUTA Boatworks
Fiberglass Repair Services

We manufacture professional fishing boats that take a beating, we understand dings happen. Our new larger shop will now include a boat repair division. We can repair any size scratch or major rebuild.

Our Repairs will include:

  • Fiberglass repair
  • Polish and Wax
  • Gel coat repair and refinishing
  • Boat restoration
  • Transom repair
  • Insurance claims
  • Full boat restoration


  •  All Composite Hand Laid Fiberglass Construction for Superior Strength
  • Hulls are Engineered for Controlled Weight Distribution & Application
  • Zero Wood Construction (less weight and corrosion)
  • Equipped with top-of-the-line components. Friction hinges, push button lights, custom switch panels


The 24’ comes in three different styles:

  • BV – Bayou Vista with low profile console for lower bridge crossings
  • GS – Guide Series with the larger console for storage and protection.
  • B – Tournament Bubble Console for speed and improved aerodynamics

The hull of the 24′ is variable dead rise allowing fast stable handling. Whether you’re a tournament fisherman or looking for a great all around comfortable boat the 24′ won’t disappoint. Built for up to 400 HP the 24′ will get you where you need to be fast. With the proprietary hull design and 9’ 4” beam she is stable and nimble. The 24′ has been a staple in the Gulf Coast, originally built by Southshore boats. If you want serious comfort, speed and 100% customizable fishing platform then look no further than Skuta Boats 24′ series.


• 2 – Insulated 28 Gallon Cooler/Livewells With Independent Pumps

• Pre-wired Trolling Motor Connection With Platform

• Multiple storage areas with insulated tubs

• Hydraulic Power Steering

• 24‘ Open Deck Design

• Hydraulic Jack Plate

• Dry Weight 2,300lbs

• 68 Gallon Fuel Tank

• Choice Of 3 Consoles

• Aluminum Trailer

• Battery & Perko

• Max H.P. 400

• 11″ Draft

• 9′ Beam


Just like it says the 26‘ All Water gives you an amazing platform and customizable layout whether you are looking for shallow water drifts or offshore battle. With its 9’4” beam and 26′ bow to stern deck the 26′ All Water provides enough room for families or commercial charter fisherman alike. With the Carolina flair in the front to shed water away this vessel allows you opportunity to venture offshore to fight the big ones. If running the flats is your desired target that day then the wide displacement, tunnel and pad hull will ensure your successful. Unlimited layout options with high sides, raised console, T-Top, standard deck and guide series console allow the 26′ All Water to be fitted for any adventure.


• 2 – Insulated 24 Gallon Cooler/Livewells With Independent Pumps

• Pre-wired Trolling Motor Connection With Platform

• Custom Deck Configuration

• Hydraulic Power Steering

• 26‘ Open Deck Design

• Hydraulic Jack Plate

• Dry Weight 2300 lbs

• 70 Gallon Fuel Tank

• Choice Of Console

• Aluminum Trailer

• Battery & Perko

• Max H.P. 400

• 9′ 4” Beam

• 8″ Draft

Skuta Boats


Someone once said,
“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

Several years ago, when money got tight after having children, I started working for licensed fishing charter captains in the Galveston area to pay the bills. Doing so taught me a lot about the guided fishing industry which prompted me to go out on my own and Just Cast Fishing Charters was born. Just Cast Fishing Charters is our premier fishing charter guide service based in Galveston. As the business continued to grow, I acquired my license to run trips and we hired additional guides to support the demand. After owning many boats, working with USGC fishing guides, and countless fishing trips I started identifying critical needs for commercial charter vessels as well as family bay boats. I found it very hard to find “the ideal boat”, from both a financial and quality standpoint. Over the years I have been in contact with a boat builder with a mold and design I really liked. He encouraged me to take the plunge and build my own boat. I had discussed with many of my trusted mechanics, captains, and tournament fisherman about the hull and idea of us building boats. Additionally, my wife had her input from a mother and fisherwoman’s perspective regarding safety, layout, and storage. I continued my research on the hull and proof of business concept, then met with boat manufacturers who were surprisingly supportive. I met with several fiberglass shops and started working on a plan to build quality, cost effective and safe boats. Upon meeting with a shop and their exceptional fiberglass craftsman, I was finally comfortable with building our new boat ideas. I then worked on purchasing the mold I felt was a good platform for the 24VDR. We look forward to building strong, safe and cost effective boats for commercial fisherman and recreational bay explorers.

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